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 Parent Partnership

As parents and carers you are the most important people in your children’s lives. At the Little Learners we know that you are the people who know the most about your child and therefore you have a very important role to play in our nursery.

Within the nursery opening hours we will endeavour to regularly:

  • Share with you what your little one has been doing during the day

  • Share anecdotes of what they have enjoyed and participated in

  • Discuss with you your child’s progress and development

  • Involve you in planning for your child in the nursery

The nursery holds parent-key worker meetings at regular intervals through the year and parent evenings. Every 4 months there will be a development summary report by your child’s key worker given to parents to comment and sign, which will be put into their child’s record book.
We regularly hold events for parents to get involved such as

  • Cultural day

  • Concerts held in the Winter and Summer

  • Coffee Morning/ Parent workshops

  • Sports day

  • Trips

  • Art day

Alternatively parents are welcome in the nursery through our open door policy to come in. Parents can come and read a story to the children or get involved in other activities such as cooking or card making.

Online Learning Journals

At the Little Learners Montessori parents can access their child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Journal online. This will include photos of their child’s activities which is linked in accordance to the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Milestones.

Nursery Management Software

We use an exceptional nursery management software in which we email parents regular newsletters and notifications direct to their email.

We have a fantastic online Parent Portal where parents can also access their financial account with their own unique username and password. We also have a dedicated accounts manager who is always on hand to address any queries.


We have our very own training centre for our Little Learners staff based at The Little Learners HQ Watford. We hold regular training such as Montessori workshops, observation and assessment, first aid and safeguarding.  





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