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 The Little Learners Healthy Diet

At the Little Learners we understand that a healthy balanced diet is important for your child. Our staff also know how important mealtimes are to develop independence, good manners and social skills. All of our menus are prepared by our chef who works together with our own qualified health and nutritionist.

The children are encouraged to take turns laying out the table and serving their own food, to encourage independence. Teachers are allocated to each table to eat alongside the children and are always at hand to assist the children if necessary and to encourage children in their eating. Children will be able to pour for themselves after undergoing practical life activities. We have a rolling snack table in our environment which contains fresh drinking water which is available throughout the day, so that the Montessori work cycle is not disturbed. Activities are also carried out within the nursery to promote health eating such as cooking, planting vegetables and smoothie making.







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