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 Extra Curriculum  

Extra - Curricular Activities include: 



Day to day life shows an increasing demand for Information Communication Technology. Therefore, we introduce children to ICT from a young age using resources such as laptops, tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, CD players, metal detectors and programmable objects.


We hold weekly yoga sessions for the children, which include breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures which are widely practiced for health and relaxation.


Children get the opportunity to practice ballet. Our Montessori curriculum involves using the “walking on the line” technique, which Dr. Montessori began using as a practical life exercise to promote perfect equilibrium and to consolidate the body’s movements. This exercise helps the child develop their balance and strengthens the mind’s control of the body’s movements.

Music and Movement

We hold weekly sessions in music and movement. These exercises help the children with their physical development. Group music making releases energy, which can be channelled into creative and productive directions.

Group music making encourages children to take part in a socialised environment, contributing to the overall creative performance.






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